(Photos & Interview) Man About Town: Jonathan Groff in the new Matrix film

[ Written on December 23 2021 by rory ]

Jonathan did another photohsoot this time for Man About Town to promote Matrix. Check out the photoshoot in our gallery and read the interview below:

Jonathan Groff has frozen and keeps tripping out on my screen. We both laugh, appreciative of the irony given we’re catching up with the frozen star about his role in the much-anticipated new matrix film. Once we finally overcome technical issues, the 36-year-old spots we are both proud owners of exactly the same beyoncé merch – a black sweatshirt with ‘surfboard’ written in pink. We discuss groff’s incredible musical career to date and how it all began before turning our attention to the matrix resurrections.

On how he spent COVID
Lockdown was kind of life-changing. I got a house right before COVID right near my dad’s horse farm. My dad trains and races horses for a living. I knew I wanted to always go back to Pennsylvania at some point in my life to be near my family. And when I was living there with my friend Katie during COVID, I had this dream in the back of my brain through the years that I wanted to turn my dad’s horse farm into an artist retreat. Being there and re-falling in love with the Amish landscape and the stars and nature fast-tracked this whole thing. It was a huge realigning moment for me. I also did a movie club with my friends where we would watch classic movies and we did it for an entire year. Bertoluci’s 1900 was a very polarising movie. I remember there was some members of the group that really went with that, and then there were others that were not going with it.

On how his upbringing shaped his acting career
It’s a combination of growing up in this idyllic, natural environment where the summers were spent with my brother and our friends putting on plays in my dad’s barn. I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz there and we were running through the fields and it was very free, open and creative. Then on the flip side, I understand how much doing community theatre and high school theatre. Acting was a culmination of joy and at the same time, it was great kind of therapy and an outlet for self-expression so growing up in that conservative area allowed me great freedom and creativity, but it also was quite repressing in certain ways, which I think is why I reached for acting.

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